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Steven Biedenbach, otherwise known as the illustrious Mr. Starkweather, is a bright young lad born on November 19, 1990. His father was a not so well known secret agent ninja because he was so secretive. At a young age Steven trained in a particular martial arts style known as Chunky Dragon Style. Steven used his special skills for good, like saving baby lemurs from a burning Hospital. When Steven reached the age of 23, he realized his life of secret crime fighting was stressful and lonely, so he laid down his nun-chucks and decided to attend college. Steven is now attending Georgia Gwinnett college with a focus in pre-pharmacy.


  • Being a ninja.
  • Fighting crime.
  • Petting sharks.
  • Eating spicy food.
  • Spontaneous combustion.

Favorite Links

  1. Real Ultimate Power
  2. Staggering Beauty
  3. SLOTHS!


Cool Ninja Stuff

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Beautiful Creature

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Fancy Dragon

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