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About System Restore

System Restore is a useful utility in recent versions of Windows. It reverts your system settings back to a previous version, chosen prior by creating a “system restore point”. This restore point is made every week, creating a snapshot of your system’s settings. Changes recorded are when you install or update software. You can choose to create a restore point manually.

It is important to note that restoring your system does not remove any personal data such as documents or pictures; it only reverts settings back prior to the installation or update of software or hardware. The System Restore Wizard walks you through the process of restoring your system to a previous point.

You can protect your data as well through Windows Backup and Restore. This creates a copy of all data on the computer, that you select, and puts it on another device, such as a disc or external hard drive. This prevents your data from being lost, or your precious pictures from being obliterated forever. Apple has a similar function, called Time Machine.

What if my computer crashes?

Should something permanent or irreconcilable happen to your system, you can use the System Repair option. You need a disc in order to do so; you can create one by searching “System Repair” and copying the data onto a disc.


The System Restore software is already on your computer. However, you can choose to deviate from that. There are options available with many external hard drives and the software included. You also have your options open with how large you wish the space on your hard drive to be, as well as whether or not you want to use a disc or a hard drive. Transfer speeds are also a deciding factor to some people, while to others, price is the only factor.

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