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Task Scheduler

A Windows utility that enables you to schedule tasks to run automatically at predetermined times with no interaction necessary on your part

To Schedule A Task

If you use a specific program on a regular basis, you can use the Task Scheduler wizard to create a task that opens the program for you automatically according to the schedule you choose. For example, if you use a financial program on a certain day each month, you can schedule a task that opens the program automatically to avoid the risk of forgetting to open it yourself.

How to Open a Task Scheduler

  • Click Start.
  • In the Search / Run box type "task scheduler" and from the returned results click the Task Scheduler link.


  • Click Start
  • Click Programs or All Programs.
  • Click Accessories and then System Tools.
  • In the System Tools folder click Task Scheduler.

Create a new task in Task Scheduler

  • At the top of the Window click Action and select Create Basic Task.
  • In the Create Basic Task Wizard type the name of your task and click Next.
  • Select your Trigger or when you want the Task to run and then click Next.
  • Select the Action you want to perform when the trigger occurs. For example, you could choose to open a specific program or start a *batch file. Once selected click the Next button and point the location of the script or program you want to run and then click Next when finished.
  • Finally, in the Finish screen make sure everything looks correct and then click Finish. If something is not correct click the Back button until you see the section that allows you to change what is incorrect.
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