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""He that Love not knows not GOD for GOD is Love""


I was born on the sunny island of Nassau Bahamas. I became a police officer after I graduated from school and remind one for 14 years. I moved to the U.S with my family in 2003. We spent our first two years in connecticut and were introduced to snow and sub zero degree weather for the first time. We moved to Georgia after that and have been there until now.I presently attend GGC majoring in exercise science. my goal is to one day become a physical therapist. I am married with three kids age 18, 15, and 12. I am 39 years old.


I enjoy watching movies,going to the gym and fishing.I have a PS3 that i play alot, mostly call of duty or sports games like madden or nba2k.I believe in YAHWEH aka JAHOVAH.





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