The GA Native Pollinator Assessment and Bio-Inventory

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Help us, the Pollinators, & Ultimately the World Food Supply Without Native Pollinator Biodiversity/Behavioral knowledge, its Another 3,000-yrs of reliance upon ONE -progressively weakening- SPECIES to feed 2/3rd of us all


Sampling: Experience Ecology in its Purest State


Vistas from Study Sites
Site W2 - Sweeping - web.jpg
Oxyopid/Lynx Spides with Fresh Scoliid/Regal Wasp in Summer {2010}

---- THE National BEE HUNT ----

'Get Involved!!!!'

A Few of Our Indispensable Denizens: The Pollinators

Augochlorella aurata female1.1.jpg
Photo by N Stewart
Augochlorella aurata female
GANativePollSurvey: 2010

Lasioglossum (Dialictus) vierecki - Head (2)LOGO POSS.jpg
Photo by N Stewart
Lasioglossum (Dialictus) Morphospecies 1 females
GANativePollSurvey: 2010


Season One - 2010

Mid-way through 2010 Field & Lab entering year 3 {2012}

Halictid LOGO - smaller2.jpg

Season Two - 2011

Megachile (Xanthosard) species [FAMILY: MEGACHILIDAE]

OFFICIAL SITES for the Project:

Native Bees of Georgia: ID & Info for Farmers, Gardeners, Citizens, etc.

Offical Project Website (Under Construction)

Official Blog for Current Research {2011} (Under Construction)

The Georgia Native Pollinator Assessment & Inventory (Under Construction)

Colleagues, Friends, Benefactors, etc

DiscoverLife: Taxonomy, Diversity, Expert Visual Identification Keys (emphasis on Insects, esp. Apoidea)

Blue Augochlorella LOGO 10-5-11.jpg]

Augochlorella aurata species [FAMILY: HALICTIDAE]
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