Thida Houl - Dipthera 5

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Shoul diptera 5.JPG

Order: Diptera

Location of Collection: 33.981932, -84.001332

Date of Collection: January 23, 2019

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H'=2.137546

Species Abundance: 10

Collectors: Priya Babu, Thida Houl, Victoria Montgomery, and Sydney Sanregret

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

  • pair of forewings
  • compound eyes
  • tarsi 5-segmented
  • pair of segmented antennae
  • mesothorax

Ecological Importance: Some Diptera can have a role of pollinating flowers while others have a role of being pests or transmitting diseases

Economic Importance: They help decompose organic matter and recycle it or serve as biocontrol agents of insect pests

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