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Order: Homoptera

Family: Cicadellidae

Location of Collection: 34°03'00.5"N 83°53'21.3"W

Date of Collection: 09/27/2018

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.2060663

Rank Abundance: 2

Species Abundance: 15

Collectors: Christina Rojasycaza, Taylor Bowen, Deidrea Darroux, Tim Hoang

Distinguishing Morphological Features of Family:

▪ Body: length 2-30 mm long, 2 pairs of wings; front wings are thickened and dark

▪ Head: oval wide, blunt head with sucking mouthparts tucked underneath

▪ Most often are green and yellow, but some have more colors and patterns. In this case, they are a light brown color with darker bands across.

▪ Adults can fly and hop quickly off a plant if disturbed

Ecological Importance:

▪ Very large group; each species is usually specific in its selection of a food plant

▪ Can serve as pests of cultivated plants, causing injury by feeling and other serve as vectors of plant diseases

Economic Importance:

▪ Release a clear watery discharge called honeydew from the anus

▪ Use honeydew in which other insects such as ants may be attracted

  • Please note that Christina Rojasycaza and I decided to split our leafhopper group into two seperate groups based on color due to the fact that we suspect they are genetically different but the general information remains the same.
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