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My next World Destination


Tokyo City

There are so many places I've yet to see on the globe, but the absolute place I've always dreamed of going to is Japan! Japan as a country is such a fascinating place to me, their culture is rich in history and tradition; yet also very forward and respectable. Put it all together and they even manage to look like it's always a good time despite looking like an overly formal culture!


Known for its wonderful anime environment, and neon signs, this has always been a point of interest for me growing up. I've always watched things like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and even Tokyo Ghoul as a teenager. I've always thought the genre was very neat as a form of expression and always liked how over all the messages in these shows really promoted the importance of friendship and trying your hardest despite the odds. Akiba, short for Akihabara, is also known for its unique cafes offering wide experiences like dining with owls, people dressed as maids and butlers, and even some places being served entirely by robots! I always have loved the weird and odd things life has to offer so this place is an absolute MUST for me to visit!

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hiroshima is notoriously famous for being the detonation sight of an Atomic Bomb back during World War II, politics aside, this building is also called the Atomic Bomb Dome because the nuclear weapon was detonated literally; right above this building. Miraculously it survived and now serves as a reminder for not just Japan, but the world over of the pure destructive power weapons of mass destruction hold. Being somewhat of a history buff, and having previously visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, U.S.A. I thought it'd be cool to visit the sites of what ended the war in the pacific

Arrive in Tokyo: Check in at hotel Wake up bright and early! Wake up for an early train ride Wake up early AGAIN! Sleep in Wake up early Pack up/head out
Scout the area Head to Akihabara Take a tour at Hiroshima Train ride to Aokigahara Take train back to Shinjuku walk around Shinjuku/tokyo area arrive at airport
Take time to do extra research Spend the day there Have lunch Go hiking, talk to locals about myths and legends Have a light siesta Cell 6 Cry cause I'm leaving Japan
Establish game plan Have lunch/dinner at an exotic cafe Check into a mountain resort Eat lunch/ Pay respects to lost spirits Get dolled up Explore the parks of the city Cell 7
Early to bed Hit the night life for karaoke Relax/recharge Find another resort, tell ghost stories Head for clubbing in Shinjuku! Have a celebratory dinner Come back home
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