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About Me

Hi my name is Hannah Tyrrell. I live in Alpharetta, GA with my parents. I am a dog mom to an Australian Shepard named Shelby. I went to Lanier High School my freshman year but I graduated from Alpharetta High School. I grew up in Sugar Hill, GA and lived there until I was about 15 years old. My parents and I moved to Alpharetta, due to my grandfather passing away. We are helping my grandmother in the mean time. Moving from Sugar Hill to Alpharetta was a huge change. The way that all of the teachers taught from school to school was amazing to see how much better they taught in Alpharetta. At Lanier, there would be fights everyday and there would always be something going on that would distract us from our learning. When I was younger, I used to ride horses competitively. It was so rewarding to learn how to control a 1200lbs animal while only holding onto two reins. The amount of trust that you have to have to be able to ride a horse with no fear is huge. There were many times where the horse knew that I was nervous or scared and they would start to act weird because of it. I had a horse named Jessie however, my coach sold her from underneath me. She gave us an ultimatum to either give her $5,000 by the morning or the horse was gone. Obviously, you cannot just come up with that kind of money overnight, because who has that kind of money just sitting in their bank account. Before this semester started, I was working full-time at Muse Salon and Spa as a front desk supervisor for the night shift. Now I am only part-time, working Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Here is a picture of my parents and IThese are my work friends and IThis is my dog


As of right now, I am a Psych major but who knows if this will change in the future. I either want to be a criminal psychologist or a nurse. I also am leaning towards becoming an FBI agent. With that kind of job, I felt as if a degree in psychology would be a perfect fit since there is no specific major to choose from that will grant you into the agency. However, you have to have some kind of field work to become an agent such as being a cop. This frightens me a little bit due to the fact that I am a very small person and I could be an easy target. I have four years to build up my muscles and cardio to fulfill my job requirements. Another part of becoming an FBI agent would be to become an analyst for the agency. They aren't directly in the field but, they still are an important key factor to the agents. The thing that fascinates me the most about becoming an agent is trying to get behind the why of the killers or terrorists. That is where the psychology comes into play. It is so interesting to learn about the brain and how it works.


  • Crime investigation shows like Criminal Minds
    • This is one of the factors that sparked my mind to become an FBI agent
  • The office is one of the funniest shows ever made
    • My favorite characters are Dwight and Michael because they are the weirdest and are the main characters.
  • Going to the dog park with my dog and throwing the Frisbee
  • I am obsessed with tattoos. I currently have two of them and I am hoping to get more in the future.
  • I am also very passionate about cars. My dad races SE30's and when he goes to the race track, I'm his pit crew. Hopefully one day I can be out there on Road Atlanta racing against him.

Travel Page

I would like to visit a variety of places one day

Favorite Food Page

Want to learn out my weird cravings including my favorite foods? Click here


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