US2 Orthoptera Fall 2015

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Morphospecies 1

Location of collection: Lat: 38° 58'33.56N Long: 84° 0'37.17W

Date of collection: August 2015

H' value: 2.57


Upstream 2 - Orthoptera 1.jpeg

Distinguishing morphological features of Order: Long hindlegs that are adapted for jumping. Usually has 4 wings folded back with the front wings being more leathery, some are wingless. Well developed antennae that can be very long. Chewing mouthparts with cerci present.

Ecological Importance: They feed on plants and can be destructive to fields of vegetation affecting other animals that feed on the plants.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: They can be disastrous for agriculture. In swarms they can wipe out fields of vegetation and leave humans with no food. Humans consider them as pests and even use crickets as fishing bait.

Collected By

Mikayla Oglesby

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