US2 Thysanoptera Fall 2015

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Morphospecies 1

Location of collection: Lat: 38° 58'33.56N Long: 84° 0'37.17W

Date of collection: August 2015

H' value: 2.57


Upstream 2 - Thysanoptera1.jpeg

Distinguishing morphological features of Order: Long slender body with short legs. Tarsi: 1-2 segmented. Wings when present are long and thin with fringe of long hairs. They have short antennae with sucking mouthpart.

Ecological Importance: Some predatory thrips help control mite population.

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: They transmit plant pathogens and are considered destructive pests of plants such as grains, fruits and vegetables by humans.

Collected By

Mikayla Oglesby

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