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Hello, welcome to my wiki page. I moved from Alaska three years ago and am not commuting to GGC. My hobbies here include wrestling with bears and alligators. If I could choose any major, I would choose to major in botany because plants are intriguing and full of life. However, since GGC does not offer this major, my new plan is to run away with the circus once I finish my undergraduate degree as a Business major. I have two baby sisters who live in Alaska with the rest of my family. I thought that coming to GGC would be a great adventure so I left my family and my home to live here.



  • Sports
    • Wrestling
    • Water Polo
  • Reading
    • Poetry
    • Cooking Books


Favorite Links

  1. [ Google
  2. [ GGC
  3. [* Pinterest
  4. [ Amazon


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