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Born on September 10 in Texas, I moved to GA when I was like 4 or 5. I'm half Korean and Half Caucasian (mostly French-Canadian and Irish or Scottish decent). I mostly just stay at home, go to school, and sometimes go out to hang out with friends. I graduated from Mill Creek High School 2016. At the moment I do not have a major at all but I am thinking getting a English degree.

Me in Korea 2016, Yes that is a raccoon in my lap


As one gets to know me, you'll find out very shortly that I'm interested in a lot of things.

Video Games

I play a lot of video games even when I was young, and have accumulated a lot of games in my house. I probably spend half of my days playing games. As my friends know, if you get me to talk about my favorite games I don't stop talking. They will also warn you to not ask me what I disliked or any thing I thought was a problem of the game.

My absolute favorite games would have to be: The Dragon Age Series, Okami, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Overwatch, Splatoon 2 (Fun Fact I wrote a essay about this), some indie games (Oxen Free, Child of Light), and plenty more.


I'm not exactly the best at art by no means, and i tend to just call my drawings doodles because that's what they are. Though I have the tendency to try my hand at some crafts. Like: Crocheting, Doll Customizing, making lip balms look like characters using clay, and more.


I kinda have a love hate relationship with my days in theater from High School. But man did I enjoy putting on a show and making folks laugh too. I mostly played as the Quirky Characters in my class plays. My favorite musical would absolutely be Hamilton (the music is great) and no I never did a musical back at my high school (Please refer to the Music portion of my interests)


Okay so I have to admit, I haven't really read anything for fun in a long while. High School has killed my motivation to read for fun, but back when I did read for fun, I loved to read fantasy books with out a doubt. Especially if it had something to do with fairy tales, myths, or legends. For example, The Legend of King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Headless Horseman, ect. Though I do know Classic litature stories too, as a joke I tell my friends, ask me about a book and i'll either tell you the whole story with details (if I ever read it) or just give you a basic story summary (If I never really read it).

Favorite Websites

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