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Welcome to Alice Student's Wiki Page


My name is Allie I was born may 7th and my parents are Rick and Mary Durinat. I am the youngest of five and my siblings include Chirtsine, Brady,Abby,Maggie. I was born a raised in Lawrenceville Ga where I attend Brookwood High School and graduate from.


Me with my sisters Allie durniat.jpg
Lacrosse Allie Durniat Lacrosse.JPG

Interests and Hobbies

  • Lacrosse
  • Golf
  • Watching College football

Places Visited

  • Washington DC
  • Panama city beach, FL
  • st George island, Fl
  • Dolphin island, Al
  • Huntsville, Al
  • Toledo ,Oh
  • Chicago, IL
  • Orange county,CA
  • Asheville,NC

Favorite Links

  1. Netflix
  2. Twitter
  3. Youtube

Class Projects

  1. My Audio Project
  2. My Image Project
  3. My Video Project
  4. My Final Project
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