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Anna Galucki


My name is Anna Galucki. I am the third born out of three girls. I am polish and my family is quite large because of it. I live in Georiga and am a freshman at Gerogia Gwinnett College. I am an education major, and can't wait to be in a classroom as the teacher. I am hoping to become an elementary teacher.


I enjoy playing the ukulele and buying way too many plants! One of my favorite things to do is travel. My favorite place that I have traveled to is San Francisco, it was such a beautiful place. Another thing I like to do is go thrift shopping, I have had several adventures at the thrift store. One time I went to the thrift store and as I was leaving I found a salt and pepper shakers that were dinosaurs that had golden bowties, I bought them (of course!) and used them in an image project for my itech class. I have to say my dino looks pretty snazzy.

An interesting fact:

I created a new word. Consnoozing- for those classes that are boring and confusing.

Favorite websites

Ukulele Tabs

Itech Projects:

Photoshop project:


LOGO project:


Audio Project:


Video Project:

File:Itech video Medium.mp4

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