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Alan Grant
  1. Alan Grant
  2. Born In Trinidad
  3. August 5, 1994
  4. Graduated 2012 South Gwinnett

My Family was all born in Trinidad,and then moved to New York City. I lived in New York for six years, then moved to Georgia. I went graduated from South Gwinnett Highschool with a GPA of 2.4. I Started College In 2012 in the fall semester. The first year i attented school at Gerogia Gwinnett College. The Major i will be studing is Business Marketing.


  • Women
  • working
  • Im intersted in playing and watching sports.
  • I also play video games when ever im bored.

Future Plans

I am Plainning on Graduating School at Georgia Gwinnett college. After College I will get A job in the Business Marketing feilds. I am Planing to own my own appartment in Atlanta.


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