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I am a Georgia native, born and raised in the Metro-Atlanta area. My major is English: Rhetoric and Writing, and I hope to use my degree in order to find a career in technical writing or personal assistant services. I am currently 24 years old and live in Dacula, GA. My dream is to own a house with a cute little garden along with my boyfriend and our three cats. I enjoy creating things, from creative writing to visual arts to cooking. I have a generally positive outlook on life, and hope to further my education some day in order to pursue personal interests as well as help others!

  • ITEC Section [1]


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  • Writing
  • Sketching/Painting/Digital Art
  • Watching Gordan Ramsey shows
  • Nerdy stuff like tabletop RPG's and anime
  • My cats

Favorite Links

  • Where I collect and manage ideas, recipes, and more! [2]
  • A shopping website that has all sorts of interesting and unique items! [3]
  • A beautiful webcomic I enjoy [4]
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