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Part 1:

Part I Specifications You can watch the tutorials and learn the skills together You can choose any picture that is appropriate for this project, doesn't have to be cars, but the picture you use should belong to you.

  1. Original Image
  2. Blurred Image
  3. B&W Background Image
  4. Bordered Image
  5. Final Product with Signature Image
  6. Your Own Creation

Bitmap Project: Anh D Le

This is my Bitmap Project.
Sentence #1- Why you picked the image to be edited

I picked this picture for editing cause I would like to show up me and the lady behind me more focus than the people at the background; which will catch the eyes of the people who look at the picture

Sentence #2.Anything related to this project. (optional)

This project helps me know how to make the picture more interesting and know how to make the picture more beauty

NOTE: Play around with the pixel restrictions so that your images are not too small or too big. More importantly, to ensure that they are not distorted.

Project2 Universal.jpgBlured Background.jpgB&W Background.jpg
Anh BorderImage.jpgSIgnature Blured Background.jpgCanvas Background.jpg

Part 2:

Create a simple GIF animation, at least 12 frames. Use GIMP or Inkscape to design/edit all these frames. Then use GIMP to open them to create the GIF animation. You need to use colors; Each frame should be designed by you (instead of downloaded from the internet); I will have a hands-on tutorial session in class. If you miss the tutorial, it is your responsibility to learn how to create such an animation. There are many video tutorials available on the internet. Here is one watch this video tutorial

Part 2 Project 2.gif

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