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Project is tentatively due by Midnight of Thursday Oct. 31st, extended to Tuesday Nov. 5th by midnight.

In this project, you are going to develop a video, the requirements:

1. Shoot three or more video clips, and take some still images. All the video clips and images should be originally shot by each group and each of you needs to be in one of the clips and one of the digital images.

2. Use any video editing software (windows movie maker, iMovie and etc) to develop a complete video file following the requirements listed below.

3. This is a group project. You must work in a group of two or three people. Justification will be needed if you need to work in a group of more than three people.


Video Project Requirement

You are to produce a 3 minute video.
What I will look for (and therefore grade) in your video:
-Title sequence with voice-over.
-At least 3 video clips (shot in 3 different settings/scenes)
-The video must follow a storyboard.
-Still images (at least two) that show for 5 seconds.
-At the end, 5 seconds of black screen, no sound.
-Music track playing in the background somewhere in the movie.
-Different Transitions between video/image and video clips/images.
-In the end you need to export your video file in .mov format using 640 by 480 screen resolution and post the video file on your wiki page by the time it is due. As a group, you only need to upload the video file once, but each member needs to have the link on his/her own wiki project page.

Video Project


iMovie project Submission

Upload your video to wiki or youtube, and put the link on your page.

How to use iMovie:

Youtube tutorial: Click

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