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Aivy Pham & God brother Isaiah

haiiii my name is aivy. im a perspective butterfly catcher. i was born in georgia but currently live on cherry lane right down the street from the muffin man. i want to become a chef so i can put humpty dumpty back together again. (wink.wink) i like long walks on the beach and pretty sunsets. im a leo and allergic to bananas.

Fountain of Gatorade

if you haven't figured out by now the beggining of this page is completely false. i am actually a dragon slayer from the virgin islands. i am currently on a mission to retrieve a shiny purple package down by the yellow fountain of death guarded by a grumpy troll that lives in a hippie van.(wink.wink) im actually a college student in georgia, where i was actually born and currently live.

God brother Anthony looking beautiful as always

this troll is the strangest thing ever spotted. he has:

  • 17 fingers, 5 on one hand and 12 on the other
  • 79 chins
  • 2 eyes but only half of one is working

I'm just kidding. he is my god brother but he really is the strangest thing ive ever seen


Things i like:

  1. puppies
  2. playing guitar
  3. the lake
  4. swimming
  5. basketball
  6. sleeping
  7. watching movies

Things i hate:

  1. the color red
  2. screaming children
  3. birds
  4. bugs
  5. anything with scales
  6. mice

Future Plans

after college i plan to go to medical school and earn my bsn and becaome a registered nurse. then i plan to becoming a crna and so on. if things dont fall in place and go the way its supposed to then i will just give up and become a drug dealer. (kidding) i also plan to visit my widely dispersed familly all around the world. last i heard i have family on almost every continent. but for now i guess i can work on getting money to make my plans happen so i can eventually take over the world. (cough cough)

Interesting Stories

  1. When i was 9 i had a huge surgery because i had a tumor behind my eye. they took out most of it but not all of it. now i have a giant scar across my head and i had about 34 staples in my head and 3 screws in my skull.
  2. one time after school i was walking home and got hit by a car. nothing serious though. i was fine but being hit by a car is a good story starter.
  3. i almost fell into a bush on my senior prom night.


Places i would like to visit

Favorite Dish

Download (1).jpg Download (2).jpg

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