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Audrey Thomas


My name is Audrey Thomas, this is my Wikipage from my digital media class. I am a nursing student from Chicago, Illinois. I love people,animals and I especially enjoy life!


  • Fishing
Ta Daaa!!!.jpg


  • Cooking
  • Bowling
    • Swimming
  • Playing Video Games with my Grandsons
    • Boating
  • Spending time with my dog "Tinky"

[This is a video of my dog Tinky at the lake]

The flower that blooms in adversity.jpg
SwansCygnus olor.jpg
Chicago banner af.jpg


  1. Project2 ( GIF Animation)
  2. Project3 (Vector Graphics)
  3. Project4 (Audio Project)
  4. Project 5 |(Video Project)

In-class Activities

  1. Chapter 2 Activity 2
  2. Chapter 2 Activity 5
  3. Chapter 2 Activity 6
  4. Chapter 3 Activity 2

Favorite Links

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