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My name is Brandon Cruztitla and I am 18 years old. I am currently doing doing dual enrollment at GGC while still a high school senior. Although I am currently undecided on a major, I'm leaning more towards a STEM career. I am of Mexican descent, but I was born here in the US (Atlanta to be exact). Before I lived in Lawrenceville, I lived in North Druid Hills and Norcross. A few of my interests include traveling, tennis, and eating.

A Few Pics for Y'all

My pet dog, Lucy. She's a mix between a chihuahua and who knows what else. She's also 5 years old. Lucy 088.jpg
I've been to Disney World once. Disneyworld.jpeg
I frequently visit my family in Chicago. This is a view from Navy Pier. Navypier.jpg


  • Traveling
  • Tennis
  • Eating
  • Soccer. Real Madrid is my favorite team.
  • Basketball. Go Hawks!

Fave Sites

These are a few of my favorite sites. Check them out!

  1. Reddit [1]
  2. YouTube [2]
  3. Google Maps [3]
  4. Genius Song Lyrics [4]
  5. Jersey Museum [5]



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