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My name is Bayne Harris. I was born here in Lawrenceville, and have been here my whole life. I currently attend Georgia Gwinnett College and I am twenty one years old. My plan is to graduate with a degree in Information Technology. I love to sleep, but I can never get enough of it.

Project 5: Movie

[Sushi Is For Dinner!]

Project 4: Blender Animation

Blender 1

Bharris blender1.png

Blender 2

Bharris blender2.png

Blender 3

Bharris blender3.png

Blender 4

Bharris blender4.png

My first idea after reading the instructions for this project made me immediately think flashlight. I designed on a cabin in the woods and wanted a hand coming out of an also lit window. My next thought was to have some sort of creatures scurry behind a bush as the flashlight shines on them. Honestly the house took me the longest time, but that is probably because I started with that. Luckily I quickly started to pick up on how to create and edit much easier which made this project so much fun. I really liked the monkey shape so that is what I decided to make scurry behind the bush. The bush was huge challenge to make, but I think that and the animation turned out very well and I hope you like it!

File:BHarris blender640x3600001-0240.avi

640x360 Resolution

File:BHarris blender1080x7600001-0240.avi

1080x760 Resolution

Project 3 Audio Project

File:Bayne Harris Zachary Idrees.wav

Project 2, Part 1: GIF Animation

View 1Baynehsmile1.svg

View 2Baynehsmile2.svg

View 3Baynehsmile3.svg

View 4Baynehsmile4.svg

View 5Baynehsmile5.svg

View 6Baynehsmile6.svg

View 7Baynehsmile7.svg

View 8Baynehsmile8.svg

View 9Baynehsmile9.svg

View 10Baynehsmile10.svg

This is the animated GIF of my Smiley:
If you option click the image you can download it.


Project 2, Part 2:Editing Digital Image


Here is the original image

BaynehBACKG.jpg Here is me over the new background

BaynehB&W.jpg Here the new background is blurred

BaynehB&W.jpg Here the new background is made black and white

BaynehBORDER.jpg I've added a border

BaynehNAME.jpg I've added my digital signature

  • Final project

Bharris spacepic.jpg


  • Computer Games
  1. Counter Strike:Global Offensive
  2. League of Legends
  3. Fortnite
  4. Super Mario Odyssey
  • Books by Authors
    • Stephen King
    • Deen Koonts

Favorite Music

  • Alternative Rock
  • Rap
  • Pop

Favorite Movies

Favorite YouTubers

Favorite Links

Site Link!
YouTube Youtube
Netflix Netflix
Reddit Reddit

Pictures Of Me!

Vegas.jpg Canyon2.jpg Canyon.jpg

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