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Brian's been a GGC student since the summer of 2014. He previously attended Georgia State University and studied for 4 semesters until he decided a change of major was needed. Now, with a degree in Information Technology - Digital Media on the horizon, Brian feels one step closer to gaining a job in the field of Game Development.


Brian is a Georgia Native; he was born here and currently lives here, but he considers himself from the MidWest. For the early, crucial years of his life he grew up in the "Windy City" of Chicago. He moved back to Georgia with his family almost a decade ago and has lived in the vibrant city of Buford since.

Brian loves to learn. No matter what it is (for example: writing, gaming, medicine, art), Brian wants to master it all! His ultimate passion is gaming and he's held a controller in his hands for as long as he can remember. From his first experience on the Super Nintendo, he knew gaming would be important to him.

Now, as a full grown adult (kind of), Brian decided to turn that passion into money and work his hardest to join the likes of Game Development professionals like Ken Levine and Cliff Blezinski. His first step, finishing his degree at Georgia Gwinnett College!



Brian's main interest is gaming, if it wasn't completely evident by his career goals. He doesn't just like playing them though. Brian loves to research everything it takes to create games. The amount of time and effort needed to create the game, the various steps of game design, it all fascinates him!


                                                                       Brian's favorite game series would be none other than Kingdom Hearts!


Brian also really enjoys reading. All types of genres are in his library. Some of his favorite series include:

Harry Potter

The Hunger Games

Popular Culture and Philosophy

Along with these Brian greatly enjoys reading books about the history of video game culture and its impact on society


Along with the reading, Brian enjoys his fair share of writing. He likes to write fantasy and horror stories and he feels it's a great way to let his creative mind go wild.

Favorite Links

Web 2.0 Review Assignment



  • Tagxedo is a relatively new service that turns quotes, speeches, letters, lyrics, or anything you want into a cool word picture. Each word picture (or cloud) appropriately highlights and sizes important key themes and words for emphasis. The finished product is an interesting and eye-catching image that will definitely get it's point across.


Tagxedo is still in it's beta stage. It is currently free to use for everyone with all basic features available, but when the final product is released premium features will be available with a subscription. Tagxedo is a co-project to Coloroke, which is considered by the creator as the big sister project, though Tagxedo is the project closer to completion.


Here's a look at the cool stuff you can do with Tagxedo!



Competitor A - Wordle: A free, online world cloud generator that creates word clouds from text you paste. It allows for complete customization and lets users edit fonts, layouts, and color schemes.
Competitor B - WordCram: Another free, world cloud generator though this software requires a direct download to your PC. WordCram manages to make word clouds into cool images like Tagxedo, yet requires coding and may be less accessible to users.

Comments (or Issues)

Tagxedo requires Silverlight. Without it, it won't work on your computer. Even further than that, Tagxedo doesn't work on many browsers. Chrome has no support for the app and Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox may experience many bugs with the app. In order to use the app to its full potential, Silverlight must be installed and many may have to use a less popular browser.

With that being said, Tagxedo isn't very useful. While it makes stellar looking images with awesome moments, there's absolutely no practicality. The necessity of Silverlight and lack of browser support makes it nearly not worth the hassle. Hopefully after the beta phase, Tagxedo will be much more accessible to the masses.



  • Mint is an app that boasts its ability to pull all of a person's financial information into one space. Mint gives the whole financial picture and gives tips on budgeting money, provides free credit scores, and most of all is safe and secure with all of your information.


Mint is a free web-based financial management tool. Created by Aaron Patzer in 2006, Mint's primary service is to allow users to track their bank, various credit cards, goals, etc. in a single, user-friendly interface. Mint was bought by Intuit (The company that created Quicken and TurboTax). Mint claims to have more than 10 million users and is still widely used to this day.

Mint's Logo

3276710c logo square mint.jpg


Competitor A - Quicken: A fully functional way to track your accounts, including investments (Quicken is also owned by Intuit). Quicken uses the cloud and syncs up with your desktop. Unfortunately though it is not as full fledged on Mac.

Competitor B - YNAB (You Need A Budget): YNAB is focused on planning your spending ahead of time. It's not a solid investing app, but it gives more of a feeling of actually directing your resources instead of just monitoring them.

Comments (or Issues)

Mint is a cool free way to manage all of your accounts. It allows you to track all your accounts and even sends you reminders when bills are due (in case you forget yourself).

With a growing use of mobile devices, Mint allows for a very user-friendly GUI on phones and tablets alike. Mint allows you to pay your bills straight from the app, checks your credit, and strives to keep you in great financial standing.

Mint doesn't repair your credit, but it is a great teaching tool to help everyone balance their financial accounts and keep their money on track.

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