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My name is Briana Williams. I am currently a junior at GGC. I am a commuter student, because housing is too expensive and I don't have enough money for that. I love dogs, although I'll probably own a cat at some point too. I don't discriminate. I just like dogs more. I'm 5'6 1/2". Some people think I'm crazy for liking zip lining, but its fun so whatever. My boyfriend goes to GGC as well. He's the reason I'll probably own a cat someday. He's great, though. I want to be a physical therapist. My major is Exercise Science. I chose this path for myself after I dissected a deer brain. I decided being a surgeon wasn't for me. Anyway, that's me in a weird little nutshell.


  • Sports
    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • Swimming
    • Running
  • Zip-lining
  • Writing
  • Music

Favorite Links

  1. Amazon
  2. Forever 21
  3. Pacsun
  4. H&M
  5. Class Homepage

Favorite Multimedia

Bwilliams14 GGC.pi.jpg
Bwilliams14 frenchiepup.jpg

ITEC2110 Digital Media Projects

  1. Wiki Project
  2. Audio Project
  3. Video Project
  4. 3D Project
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