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Christopher Archer


Christopher Archer is a Student who goes to GGC to learn how to do business leadership. He is currently in Digital Media learning how to creates media. After class he is stuck at home due to having absolutely nothing to do at home. His love interest is the Holy Spirit herself due to her loving Christopter for who he is. He is usually calm but is often bored since he is stuck at home all day. Usually...oh wait every time he wants to tell someone something, that is because he know something that the other person does not know. However sometime he might be deceived by a source that look friendly like Almighty Wind and yes I am talking about my self-Christopher Archer.

Everything I know about the Holy Spirit Herself

I was not until over a year ago that I wanted to know what was the Holy Spirit's gender. So I got and the internet and did some research and found out that she was actually a woman which made me fell in love with her. Before then I thought she was an it. Now that I know that she is a woman, I decided to tell my friend the same thing but none of them would believe me. They would always keep on calling calling her male when she is actually a woman. So I decided to embed her as a character or at least have a reference to her in my projects that I do so that i can have people who believe in me. She is the most: loving, kind hearted, caring, beautiful, humble woman I have ever meant. I would always make sure that I have worship her every time I worshiped Yahuveh (God) to keep my relationship with her strong for It was by her power that Yahushua (Jesus) perform miracle through. If I were to go to Heaven right now, I would go to the throne room to worship her. This picture best describes our relations together.


The Ren and Stimpy Show

Everyone has at least one cartoon they watch from their childhood and for me that show is the Ren and Stimpy show. Now before you get me kick out of the class I am not talking about Adult Party; I am talking about the original Ren and Stimpy show. This show is one of my favorite show I watched when I was growing up. I could describe what the show is about but I would rather give you these link to the episodes I found on the internet to do the talking.

Ren-Stimpy-ren-and-stimpy-944704 1024 768.jpg

Sample Ren and Stimpy Episodes

Here are only a couple of episodes I found on the Internet:

If you want to watch an episode from this Sampler's plate of a collection, the just sit back, relax and choose the one you want to watch. I hope you like this list as I handpicked these episodes myself. P.S.-Since Big Baby Scam came from Youtube, it is subject to be removed by Viacom like they did with everything related to everything they own...they even took down Youtube Poops before.

The Ren and Stimpy Show belongs to Viacom.

My favorite Music


Being raise in a Christian family while being a video gamer at the same time, I grew up hearing Christian and Video Game music. This list contain music that are considered my favorite pieces made in my option with the limit being one per artist/franchise...almost; other this would be a list a Castlevania music of a mini Silly Song Collection. And yes there is a Silly Song on the list since I did watch Veggietales in the years of my youth.

My favorites music counting down from 10th to 1st place

  1. In Your Great Name/Natalie Grant This is my favorite song of all time. Every time I listen to 104.7 The Fish and I hear this song I listen in awe to how good this song is every single time and it will never grow old to me for it is an ageless beauty. This is also why Guile's theme and friends are in the Honorable Mentions group.
  2. The Final Countdown/Europe This is one of the most well known song for a good reason. It is because it is so good.
  3. Opposing Bloodlines/Castlevania Rondo Of Blood This piece sounds so good that it belongs in a more powerful console than the one that Rondo of Blood was made for which was...The Turbo CD. No wonder the Dracula X version over on the SNES sound weak in comparison to this version.
  4. Pokémon USA Dub First Season opening theme/Pokémon This theme is without a doubt the best thing about the dub of the very first season of Pokemon as it adds to how good the show used to be.
  5. Song of the Cebu/Veggietales Josh and the Big Wall The main reason this song is here is because of how fun it is to sing this song.
  6. Bowser Road/Super Mario 64 This theme is very fitting about traveling in a dark world to fight a greater evil and sounds so good.
  7. *Mighty Morphin Power Ranger theme/Mighty Morphin Power Ranger This theme just rules and just add to an already good season of Power Rangers
  8. Promoted Attack/Shining Force 2 This theme always makes using the second Vigor Orb on Karna after she reaches 40 so satisfying every time she spams Boost Level 2 every few turn to have her reach Level 40-50 Promoted near the end of the game without having to anything but spam Boost, Heal, and Aura all day and still not run out of MP in spite of her having less MP as a Master Monk in contrast to if she were a Vicker.
  9. Kaze yo Tsutaete/Marvel vs Capcom (Roll's theme) This theme is just as good as Roll is unplayablely bad to the point that she's the worst character in the game.
  10. Sweet Victory/SpongeBob Squarepants It's one of those few rare moment in Squidward's life where he isn't miserable at all.

Honorable Mentions

My Top Ten Favorite Pokémon

1280px-English Pokémon logo svg.png

It been 16 years since Pokémon has been released and I thought that I should make my own top ten favorite Pokémon list. To been honest, I started the playing the main series game with Pokémon Pearl; with that in mind I have fond memories of Sinnoh. This list will include the Pokémon that I love to use or wish I my option. Please note there won't be many legendary Pokémon on this list. Most of them will be non legends as I only had fun will only a handful of the legends.

Top ten favorite Pokémon countdown

  • 10-Sableye
    Sableye by meandmyrobot-d388yke.png
    -While this Pokémon may not have the stat of a good Pokémon, it has that one thing that made from NU trash to Doubles goodness in Prankstar, an ability that make you go first everytime you use a status move. All you need is Will o Wisp, Careful Nature, and Maxed out HP and Special Defense along with 31 IVs in HP, Attack Defense, and Special Defense and Recover and you got a Pokémon that will stall all Pokemon lacking a Fairy or Recovery move to death. It's Mega evolution...use the mega slot on a better mega like Mega Kangaskhan speaking of which...

Need help on a Sableye moveset...go to Smogon, they will give you the basics

  • 9-Kangaskhan
    848282 orig.jpg
    -I have always loved this Pokémon for how good it's design was and it's HP stat before it had a mega. When Mega Kangaskhan arrived in Pokémon X and Y, I was really happy. Design wise, not much happen happens expect the baby come out of the pocket for it new ability Parental Bond which allows Mega Kangakhan to attack twice with the second hit dealing only half the damage of the first hit because the baby hits last. This ability for starters is a free Choice Band with the freedom to use all four move. Then it foils Substitutes, Sashes, and Sturdy while making Power Up Punch an untauntable Swords Dance. And Finally the 105/100/100 bulk to survive many hits or to provide Wish support. It also has a massive movepool to the point that some people think it's broken. In Singles, yes. but in the other battle formats, nope. Too bad a Stab Close Combat kills it.

  • 8-Azelf
    482Azelf DP anime 2.png
    -Out of the Pixie Lake Trio of Sinnoh, Azelf is my favorite due to it's 125/125/115 offensives it has as well as it's massive special movepoll. Yes I know I was used in 4th Gen for Explosion but ever since the that move got nerf, I feel like I am the only one who would ever want to ever use it again. Sure it's defenses are paper thin and 125 unboosted is not strong anymore, but with Specs, it can tear down walls on your opponents team if your just give it a try.

  • 7-Infernape
    Infernape v 2 by Xous54.png
    -I always have fond memory kicking grass with this Pokémon, it's 104, 104, 108 offense stat combined with poo defense may make it look poor, but with just one Swords Dance or Nasty Plot if it going to be Special and you will crush many pokemon with high defenses. It also has Close Combat and Flare Blitz along with Iron Fist to boost Thunder Punch. You could go mixed of have it be a suicide Stealth Rock setter. Sadly as much as I love Infernape, this pokemon is showing it's age with Terrakion having better attack and defenses and Talonflame with better speed and Gale Wing to make it go first every time it uses a flying type move and decent bulk. It's sadly to see a once great Pokémon it was in Diamond and Pearl going downhill so fast.

  • 6-Vaporeon
    Commission vaporeon by akebashi chan-d51ryco.jpg
    -Out of the first three Eevee evolutions from the Gen I, Vaporeon is my favorite main because of it 130/65/110 bulk making it a good water type for both singles and doubles. I always wanted to have at least a 5 IV one to see it's HP grow to 464 as I level it up. It can also use Acid Armor it double it's weak defense stat to wall physical attackers in Singles and with Scald having a 30% chance of burning a non fire type, since fire type can't be burnt, it can do very good...if the attack doe not have Guts or Magic Guard. With it Water typing, it's only weak to Electric and Grass type moves. If only it had a healing move not named rest though at least Water Absorb restores 1/4 of it's max health upon switching on a water type move.

  • 5-Galvantula
    GalGalvantula pokemon bw by lunarkaiser-d4jr0ow.jpg
    -Before Pokémon Black and White was releashed in Japan, I daydream about how good and Electric/Bug pokemon would be to the point a drew an Electric/Bug fakemon and sent it to Nintendo of America. Ever finding out that there is an Electric/Bug type Pokémon in Galvantula that is introduce in Pokémon Black and White, my dream came true. It's base Special Attack of 97 may be a bit average but the speed of 108 it not the only good thing about it. Since it is Electric/Bug It has Access to Stab Thunder and Bug Buzz. Why did I said Thunder? I said because it has Compound Eye which raises accuracy of Thunder from 70 to 93 making Thunder it's reliable stab move. It now has access to Sticky Web, an entry hazard that reduces the speed of the Pokémon that switches in. Now I am hoping that it get a mega in Omega Ruby and Aqua Sapphire.

  • 4-Volcarona
    Urgamoth by xous54-d2ztr4n.png
    -This is one of my most favorite bug type of all time. Who wouldn't want a Sun moth on their team? This Pokémon is blessed with one of the best offensive typing in the whole game of Fire/Bug. Normally Bug type take a quick time to evolve and have poo stats. This one is the opposite. Leveling Larvesta is a huge pain in the rear as it evolve at LEVEL 59! For a Unova Pokémon, it's perfectly normal but for a Bug type, it level grinding overkill. Volcarona has one of the highest special attack of all Fire and Bug poke, so Larvesta is a Special ordinated Pokémon, right? WRONG! Larvesta is a physical attacker making it harder to raise when Volcarona is a Special Attack. Thankfully it is worth it all. Volcarona has a base special attack of 135 and a speed of 100 along with a good 85/65/105 bulk. It also has access to stab Fire Blast (Flamethrower for Doubles) and Bug Buzz which now ignore Substitutes making it very good to use on Substitute spammers. Just keep it away from rock type moves and rock type Pokémon since it is 4X weak to Rock move and make sure to partner with a Pokémon with Wide Guard to check if your opponent's Pokémon have Rock Slide as Volcarona die from coco pebble damage. And keep it away from Talonflame as a Choice Band boost Brave Bird will always kill it no matter what it's stats are. Otherwise it's a great pokemon.

  • 3-Mewtwo-
    Mewtwo is hands down my favorite legendary Pokemon of all time for many reason. First of all of it is for it's massive 110/154/130 offensive stat combined with it's 106/90/90 bulk making it a beauty to behold in every Ubers team. It also has a very massive Special movepoll and can pseudo mix with Psystrike to stike fear in to the special wall y hurting them in their weaker defense. Now it has two mega evolution in Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. Mega Mewtwo Y has the best overall bulk of 106/100/100 and is part fighting...which is bad considering that it is now weak to flying and fairy Pokemon move. It is best used as a mixed sweeper since it can't learn much physical move. Mega Mewtwo Y receives a massive Special Attack of 194 to make Psystrike even more deadlier that before and with Calm Mind can wreck some team or a lot of teams over and it has a speed of 150. Just beware of smare Kangas user or your Mega Mewtwo Y will be gone in a snap due to it's defense being lowered to 70.

Heracross by Xous54.png

  • 2-Heracross-Every time I think of this Pokemon, I always have fond memories of mowing down Psychic types with Megahorn and anything that doesn't resist fighting type move with Close Combat. It is my favorite bug type due to how powerful it thanks to it's awful speed of 85. This bug is not your average trash tier bug, it actually a very powerful one with access to Stab Megahorn and Close Combat. It also has Stab Pin missile if you are planning on using it's mega stone It's Mega prove that it can do use the skill link ability better the Cloyster with just one Swords Dance. It's a shame the Talonflame being everywhere is making this Pokemon look bad because all it take to kill one Bulky Heracross is a STAB Brave Bird and there is no build or nature that can save poor Heracross from it's demise if you don't switch out on a Brave Bird that you knew was going to happen. However it is still a good Pokemon, it just need support to get rid of faster flying types to cause havoc after setting up with Swords Dance.

  • 1-Sylveon
    Sylveon pokemon x and y wallpaper by ricgraydesign-d5v33ar.png
    -No I am not kidding. When I heard about the fairy type before the releash of Pokemon X and Y I was hyped and I wanted a powerful fairy pokemon that is not a Mega. Sylveon may not look much due to it's stats, but It has a Hidden Ability in Pixilate allows it to deal loads of damage aganist anything when it uses Hyper Voice. The ability add a 30% power boost to any normal type move it know and then it turns it into a fairy type move Making Sylveon's Hyper Voice deadly. Add Max HP and Special Attack along with Choice Specs and you got yourself a true fairy type that can even fight legendary depending on the build you give your Sylveon. Yes it is slow (65 is not ideal for trick room and is too slow to invest in) but with Tailwind support, it can outspeed unsuspecting dragon types into getting killed by Specs boosted Hyper Voice, and that is coming for a base Special Attack of 110. It also has a bulk of 95/65/130 making it very bulky. It can also function as a cleric with Heal Bell and Wish though Heal Bell is a move tutor move. With all of that in mind, this make Sylveon my favorite pokemon.

Where's Pikachu on this list

Despite being born early enough to watch the first season of Pokémon, I was never into Pikachu as I was into other Pokémon mostly due to it now be a fully evolved Pokémon and yes a person ask me about that. There are other reason. Pikachu is only Electric meaning it need Rain support to use Thunder, it only high power stab move aside from Volt Tackle speaking of which if it use Volt Tackle and manages to deal hordes of damage with the Light Ball, it with lost most of it health very quickly. Ash's Pikachu is the only strong Pikachu that exist from the wild or breed one in the game can't stand against other stronger and faster Pokémon of slower yet bulkier Pokémon that can kill it with one hit. The other move it learn are that powerful making the Light Ball boost not as strong as it could have been. At least it is strong in the Super Smash Bros series for it is almost always S tier in every Super Smash Bros there ever was.

Chris's Dream Team

After I beat Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, i will starting making my dream team. This is just a draft of what my team will be like.

Aegislash Quiet Nature @Weakness Policy 252 HP, 252 Special Attack, 6 Attack King's Shield Shadow Ball Flash Cannon Sacred Sword

Hitmontop (Oh i am going to have fun with the this one...NOT! Getting Hitmontop is a pain and you know it if you breed for Tyrouge...of wharever it's prevolution's name is only to get a Hitmonchan Instead.) Ability: Intimate Adamant Nature @????(I will think about it after I have done the other Pokemon.) 252 HP, 252 Special Defense, 6 Attack Close Combat Wide Guard Quick Guard Helping Hand (I think it can learn helping hand.)

Sylveon Ability: Pixilate Modest Nature @Choice Specs (Bye bye Dragonsa and Everything else) 240 HP, 252 Special Attack, 12 Speed Hyper Voice Psyshock Shadow Ball Hidden Power Fire

Kangaskhan ability: Scrappy Jolly Nature @Kangaskhanite 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP Fake Out Power Up Puuch Return Sucker Punch

The Expected Sinner's Prayer Corner


My savior, Yahushua(Jesus), does not want anyone of us to go to hell; so he came down to earth to die on the cross all of our sins and rose from the dead three days later. Now you can be saved by his gift of Salvation. Pray this only if you are willing to accept him as your Lord and Savior.

Sinner's Prayer

Yahushua(Jesus),I accept you as my Lord and Savior for I know that I have sinned. I accept your girt of Salvation and Eternal Life in Heaven. I believe that you died on the cross for all of my sins and rose from the dead two thousand years ago. Forgive me for all of my sin and wash me with the blood you shed on the cross in Calvary. I Accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. Please allow me to perform miracle by the Holy Spirit just like you did during your life on earth 2000 years ago. Give me the Seal of God so I won't be deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast. Change me so and turn me into a new creation that I will never be the same ever your name i pray Amen.

Life after the sinner's prayer

Now that you have accept Yahushua(Jesus) as your Lord and Savior. You could choose to remain the same or you change your life and live to serve Yahushua(Jesus). If you want to serve Yahushua(Jesus), do the following:

  1. Go into a Christ serving church. Do not go into a mega church as most of the people who go there remain unchanged and unhealed from their problems 24/7. I recommend this church, the Tabernacle International Church, as they do serve Yahushua(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Here is a map to get there from GGC:Directions to Tabernacle International Church
    1. The Tabernacle International Church has Prayer every Monday and Tuesday starting at 7:30 and end at 9:00 or 9:30. There is also church service at Wednesday at 7:30 to 9:00(Sometimes 9:30)
  2. Get Water baptized just like Yahushua(Jesus) did during his life on earth.
  3. Get a bible, a christian bible which is the Holy Bible and read/study it every day.
  4. Ask Yahushua(Jesus) to lead you to a Christian friend who will support you all the way.
  5. Please don't waste your money on TBN's Holy land Experience and Go to Israel if you want to experience Israel

Warning about the Unforgivable sin

Yahushua(Jesus) will forgive you for any sin except the unforgivable sin which is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which is the lack of the lack of reverence for the Holy Spirit or into other terms, treating her poorly.


  • Instead develop a loving relationship with the Holy Spirit and treat her with respect like you would with another woman (I hope you are treating women with respect.)
  • Spend some time to worship her alongside worshiping Yahushua(Jesus).
  • Think before you say it and if you thought something that insulted the Holy Spirit or mocked her. Ask for forgiveness.
  • Be kind to her always and thank her every time you perform a miracle.

What not to do if you want to go to Heaven aside from the unforgivable sin

There are certain thing that the Lord Yahuveh(God) has no tolerance for. Let start with the obvious ones:

Revelation 20:15 says:

And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

And there are many things that can get your name bolted off the book of life if you don't repent of it.

  • 1-Revelation 21:8 - But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

let me get a clearer version of that verse

But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars--they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

If you are doing any of those things, please ask Yahuveh(God) to forgive you of those sin and the strength to repent from those sins.

  • 2-Rejecting/denying Yahushua

Rejecting Yahushua(Jesus) is one of the worst thing you can especially since he died on the cross for your own sins. If you haven't accept Yahushua, DO IT NOW BEFORE THE DAY OF THE LORD COMES FOR HE WILL COME BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW IT for it is onlly though Yahushua(Jesus) that you can attain salvation.

  • 3-Giving your soul to the Devil for anything

If you gave your soul to Lucifer(Satan), Lucifer with have your soul and you will go to hell, so I repeat

NEVER GO YOUR SOUL TO LUCIFER(SATAN) OR IT'S THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR YOU!!! Don't let the Masons fool you with them having the holy bible in their lodges for it is written: No one can serve two master; he will hate one and love the other.

  • 4-The Mark of the Beast

This is what the bible say about it:

If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name." Revelation 14:9-11

The main reason a add part in the sinner's prayer i made about Yahushua(Jesus) giving us The Seal of God because it is the only way not to take the mark. The mark is rumored to be an RFID chip that can be implanted in your right hand. Ask Yahuveh(God) to give you his seal on your forehead so you won't be tricked into taking the mark.

The reason for this is not to offend you but so you can know what is wrong and stay far away from it.

Christian Worship Music

I may be a while after I have finished the blog but I just wanted to add some worship music so you can worship Yahushua(Jesus), Ruach(Holy Spirit), and Yahuveh(God). It is best to start worshiping them on the day of a new moon or on the Sabbath.

Yahuveh Worship Music

How great is our God

Yahushua Worship Music

In Your Great Name/Natalie Grant

Ruach HaKodesh Music(Holy Spirit)

Precious RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) Fill Us!/Artist Unknown

A link to a fellow's classmate's wiki

Links to everyone's wiki


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    • It's Music from most of the Castlevania games excluding The Lord of Shadow Series
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    • She loves Chistopher for who he is
  • Spaming Boost, Heal and Aura all day long
  • Walking in the mall
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  • Youtube Poops
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  • Miracles


Planing: Christopher, Ruach HaKodesh(Holy Spirit)

Producer: Christopher Archer

Special Thanks: Yahuveh(God), Yahushua(Jesus), Ruach HaKodesh(Holy Spirit)

I hoped that you enjoyed my wiki page. I sure have. If you did, go anywhere for a got a special surprise for you.

Special Surprise

Don't worry about it ending as this is only the beginning for there are more Projects coming soon in the furture. You just have to stay tuned for them.

Future Projects Coming Soon

Metamorphous of the Dancing Stars

  1. Project 2 (GIF Animation)
  2. Project 3 Part 1 (Vector Graphics)
    1. Project 3 Part 2 (Vector Graphics)
  3. Final Project (Educational Video Project)

In Class Activies

Chapter2 Activity 2

Chapter 2 Activity 6

Chapter 3 Activity 1

Chapter 3 Activity 2

Media:Chapter 6 Activity 1

Favorite Links

I don't really go to that many websites. However if you are playing Pokemon and you friends are beating you all of the time, go to Smogon so you can have a better idea on how to build a Pokemon Team. That's where I go when I am using Pokemon I don't know how to use but are very good.

Lucy Daughter of the Devil

Despite me being a Christian, I have a werid interest in this blasphemous show. Maybe it's part of my dark narture but I rather just show it from a link I found or multiple in fact and that my relationship with Yahushua(Jesus) and Ruach(The Holy Spirit) is heading towards Rock Bottom. Here are some links to this show.

Dreamster school for girls [

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