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All ABout Me

All About Me - Cassandra Cobb

My name is Cassandra Cobb but most of my family calls me Cassie. Only one person calls me Cassandra and that’s my granddaddy he said that it is a beautiful name. So now I’m starting to go by Cassandra since it is like I’m starting over. I am a family person I love and hate them sometimes but what family doesn’t have that. I have two sister and one brother all adopted. My parents are great people who encourage me to do well. Also I work at a camp I have been going to for twelve years. I love this camp and they push me to do well too and make good decisions. I want to major in Physical Education and Coaching because I loved that P.E in all my schools and want to influence children. My Family Familyccc.jpg Camp1.jpg

If I were a Famous Character

If I were a famous character I would be SpongeBob Squarepants. I would be SpongeBob because he is always in a good mood and see the brighter side of everything. More people should be like him and less like Grumpy. Also I would choose Phineas too because he is very creative and don’t like to do anything he always want to work on something. I choose SpongeBob because I love his happiness and Phineas because of his creativity (because I don’t have any at all)

Spong.jpg Ph.jpg

My Strengths

I feel that my strengths are computers in a way, because I’m the one everyone goes to at home and my roommates ask me to help all the time. Also I like to teach at my camp and I feel I’m very strong in what I’m teaching because I do research about it and know stuff about it. An accomplishment of mine was doing JROTC in high school and working with them to better myself and the company. I became the second in command in JROTC.


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