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Hi, my name is Chris Devoliere and I am a freshman in my second semester here at GGC. My major currently is business administration and minoring in marketing. I'm a christmas baby born 12/25/95, 4 minutes past midnight. I have two older brothers and my eldest brother has a two year old son. My mom and dad have been happily married since 1987, they had their oldest son Alvin on 6/3/1988, had their second son, Lesly, 5/27/1993, and then me 12/25/95.


I like to play basketball. Listen to music. Play NBA 2k. Fixing cars. Collecting sneakers.

Future Plans

After college I plan to start working full time until I am ready to open up my own clothing boutique. Selling nothing but sneakers and the hottest clothing in the streets. Of course I would like to travel the world but that will come after I establish myself.

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