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Charity Estes


Hello, My name is Charity Estes. I attended Archer High School and graduated in the class of 2011. I am 20 years old and a Junior at GGC. I got married last year. I work at Chick-fil-A on Scenic Highway, I am on the marketing team there and I make the biscuits so I hope you enjoy them! I plan to get a general business degree and will hopefully own a event planning business!

My Interest

In my free time I enjoy crafting, cooking, pinterest, Grey's Anatomy & Duck Dynasty!

  • Cooking
    • I love cooking. Anything I can find on pinterest. I love desserts & italian is my specialty. My garlic knots are famous around my house!
  • Crafting
    • I LOVE crafting. Many pieces of my house are from crafts and family heirlooms. Many of my crafts go to decorating my new home!
  • My Family
    • My husband's name is Chris Estes. We're still newlyweds just figuring it all out! But he likes my cooking and crafting so that's all that matters!


Favorite Pictures


Favorite Links

  1. | Wiki

  1. | Facebook

ITEC 2110 Digital Media Projects

  1. Project 1 (Image Project)
  2. Project 2 (Audio Project)
  3. Project 3 (Video Project)
  4. Project 4 (3D Animation Project)
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