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Douglas Che's Wiki


Hello, my name is Douglas. I am starting my junior year at Georgia Gwinnett college. I am currently working on a major in biology and eventually enter the field of optometry in the near future. I am also working at a Kroger in order to make extra money.

Places I have been to

  • Minnesota
  • California
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Montana


Gamingblinds 0003 closeup.jpg

104 2001.JPG beautiful scenary


Video Gaming

This is probably one of my greatests interests. I've been gaming since I was a child.

Other Hobbies

  • Listening to music and trying new styles and genres.
  • Exploring and seeing new places and people.
  • Some photography.
  • Reading new stories.
  • I am always willing to try new hobbies and am willing to keep an open mind. *I mainly just try to enjoy life and everything it brings to me.


Audio Project

Click this to see my audio project

Video Project

Click this to see my video project [[1]]

Still Image Project

Click this to see my still image project

Animation Project

Click this to see my animation project

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