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I was born in Dundee, Scotland. My family and I moved when I was 1 and a half to Hawaii. However young I, was when I moved, I can still remember the landscape and street shops from Dundee. People still to this day say I still have a Scottish accent. I also have duel citizenship untill my 21st birthday, unless I go back to Scotland to fill out some paper work.


My hobbies include bodybuilding and work. I recently got engaged and so my third and final hobby right now is planning my wedding. I've been weight lifting since 10th grade, but late early this year I started bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is just the next step up from weight lifting. Currently I am 173 pounds and hoping to add 20 pounds of muscle within 6 months. I work at Petsmart as a stocker. I like my job, but I am looking at applying to the Gwinnett or Duluth Police Departments.

==)Where i have lived

I first lived in Scotland where I was born. My Dads job in the Military then took our family to Hawaii, which is not as nice as people think. The only Hawaii people know about is the Hawaii resort spots. Fianally I moved to Duluth, Georgia when I was 4. I have lived there ever since.

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