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Basic Information

My name is Desirae Palmer. I'm 19 years old and currently a sophomore at Georgia Gwinnett College. I am taking the Pre-Nursing classes then transferring to a good nursing school. I still have not decided which school I would like to go to. This is my third semester at GGC and I really like it so far.


My Hometown

My hometown is Buffalo, New York. I have also lived in Niagara Falls, New York which was like a second hometown. the majority of my family was born in either of the two cities. However, a small remainder still live in New York. I lived in New York for 10 years then moved to Georgia in 2001 and have been here ever since.


My Hobbies

My hobbies vary from time to time. During the summer I like to go swimming and do alot of outdoor activities. Overall, no matter what the season, I enjoy shopping, seeing movies, working, and spending time with family.


My Future Plan

My plan for the future is simple. I plan on going to nursing school to become a Registered nurse. I have not decided if I want to work with children, senior citizens, in a hospital etc. I still have alot more thinking towards my nursing plan. After I finish school, I hope to find a good paying job to support myself.


Linda Moore

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