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This is flipper. He's a ceramic dolphin

Hello, my name is Dustin Penick. I am a student at GGC and currently majoring in business. I may want to end up majoring in 'film', however. I enjoy funny and scary movies, and sometimes action.

obligitory caption

I am twenty three years old and I work at 'Starbucks'.

I enjoying cooking and playing videogames, but not at the same time. Last time I did that my Nintendo 3DS fell into the toaster and 'exploded'. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

My glasses. I can't see without my glasses. #jinkies

Sometimes I wear glasses when I'm too lazy to put in contacts.

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  • Running
  1. At the park
  • Cooking
  1. Chicken/Hot Wings are my favorite
  2. Toast is pretty fun to cook, too
  • Gaming
  1. Pokemons
  • Holding my tongue when people are stupid
  1. It's hard to do in 1101 classes
  • Game of Thrones
  1. The Lannisters send their regards
  2. RIP Renley

Future Plans

After college, I plan on marrying rich so I won't have to work hard.


Come on and slam, and welcome to Japan

Interesting Life Story

I was raised in a orphanage, disguised as a redhead. We sang a lot. It sure was a hard-knock life for us.

Also, a long, long time ago, I flew an X-Wing AA-589 to challenge the Empire and ending up blowing up the Death Star. Twice.







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