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My name is Dennesha Stewart. I like going to the mall and hanging out with my friends every weekend. I also like to play video game, and play the piano. I currently attend GGC this is my second year and hope to get my degree in nursing. I am also expecting my first son in December.


  1. Shopping
  2. Piano
  3. Exercising
    1. Swimming
  4. Hanging out with friends

Favorite links

Favorite Pictures

Dstewart5 ggclogo.png

Favorite Music

My Song

Favortie Video

  1. Video
  2. GGC Video

ITEC-2100 Projects

  1. | Project 0
  2. Project 1 (Digital Images)
  3. Project 2 (Digital Audios)
  4. Project 3 (Digital Videos)
  5. Project 4 (3D Animations)
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