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Elise M. Longnecker

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ITEC 2110, Summer 2015


On a dark and stormy night in mid-October twenty-five years ago, a child was born into this world. Elise would astound her tutors with her precociousness and intelligence as she learned reading, writing, and drawing at a young age. She would pen a complete novel before reaching high school, where she would win multiple awards for her short stories and artwork.

College was a troubled time for the aspiring artist, and she found herself led astray by the forces of evil. Through trial and tribulation, she developed self-reliance and freed herself from the chains of those who had sought to control her fiery spirit. Elise had learned much about human relations, through her own interactions with people, both good and evil, and through her diligent study of the history of the world. Soon, she would be ready to embark on her journey into the future, a future filled with bright new vistas to explore, beautiful people to learn from, and art to create and experience.


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  • Travelling
    • Especially interested in backpacking, visiting Asia, and exploring the wilderness
  • Well-Written Novels
    • Especially Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Historic Fiction
    • Elise's favorite writers include Patrick Rothfuss, Dan Simmons, Ken Follett, Walter Moers, and Jeff Noon
  • Learning about Science
    • especially Geology, Astronomy, & Biology
  • Learning about History
    • Especially ancient history, colonial history, and international revolutionary history
    • Elise is a World History Major with a focus on South American Post-Columbian History
  • Music
    • Especially Indie Pop, Progressive Rock, Progressive House, Celtic Music, and the didgeridoo
  • The Outdoors
    • Especially watching thunderstorms in the desert, swimming in mountain lakes, and climbing rocks
  • Watching Cartoons and Some Anime
    • Especially Adventure Time, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Bob's Burgers, Cowboy Bebop, and any Miyazaki movies
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
    • Especially large friendly snakes, geckos, and frogs
  • Cooking and Tasting Food
    • Especially exotic foods, spicy foods, and vegetarian cuisine
  • Creating Art of All Kinds
    • Especially painting, drawing with pen and ink, and creating altered books


  • Germany
    • Munich
    • Frankfurt
  • France
    • Paris
  • United Kingdom
    • London
  • Spain
    • Barcelona
  • Costa Rica
    • Guanacaste
    • Alajuela
  • Mexico
    • Cancun
    • Chichen Itza
    • Tulum
  • USA
    • Elise has lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia


  1. Project 2 (GIF Animation)
  2. Project 3 (Vector Graphics)
  3. Project 4 (Audio Project)
  4. Project 5 (Video Project)

In Class Activities

  1. Chapter 2 Activity 2
  2. Chapter 2 Activity 5
  3. Chapter 3 Activity 2
  4. Chapter 3 Activity 1
  5. Chapter 6 Activity 1

Favorite Links Artist Page on Facebook Resource for Fantasy Artists

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