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My name is Estelle Ogunmusesan and I am a full time student at Georgia Gwinnett College. I enjoy playing Lacrosse and/or being a Sports Medicine trainer, in which I hope to further pursue at Georgia southern as my career. In the picture conveyed below I am number twenty, the offensive player in white.

Estelle laxing.jpg

Current Education

For the year 2011, my freshmen year, I'm focusing on Exercise Science. I hope to accomplish thirty hours this year, acheive Hope and transfer to Georgia Southern University to focus and complete the courses required for the Exercise Science feild.

Career Goals

After earning my masters, I would like to focus with concerns of the feet. Basically, an Orthopedic doctor is what I highly hope to become and if any detours are to arise I'd settle in being a Sports Medicine Trainer.

Hobies and Interest

When I'm not practicing or participating the youth Duluth Middle school players with Lacrosse, I draw, write and dance. In the picture, that was a special night i received an award for Art. (I made an African Figure)


Work History

I've worked at a retail store names Manhatten at Discover Mills Mall for about a month my sophmore year of high school.

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