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Ethiopian orthodox church

My name is getahunn, and I am originally from Ethiopia. I have been living in the United States since 2009.I'm 26 years old and I'm a college student. I have three brothers and two sister. Their names are, Tinny, Binny, Gb and Maki, respectively. I want to improve my writing skills and reading as well. I hope that I'll be able to further my studies in USA for a Bachelor degree course next year.


  • playing soccer
  • traveling
  • playing with kids
  • meeting new people[[file:Lalibela.jpg

future plan

I often used to wonder about my future as I am about to finish secondary school. The number one question on my mind was which profession should I choose? It was very hard to make any definite choices, because I knew they will affect me for the rest of my life. I want a profession that will satisfy me, challenge me, and bring me joy. I believe that a job should be like a hobby. I want to love my work, and know that I am making a difference in this world by helping other people. I will be tested in two different subjects.After my graduation, I would like to study at the Medical University to become a doctor [[File:Lalibela.jpg | thumb | Ethiopian orthodox church | right]

My feverite website


"'Travel page"'


"'My interest to travel"'

Lalibela is a town in northern Ethiopia that is famous for its monolithic rock-cut churches. its one of Ethiopian's holiest cities <p> [File:Bole.jpg | thumb | Lalibela | right]] "'fevorite dishes"'

Ethiopian cuisine characteristically consists of vegetable and often very spicy meat dishes, usually in the form of wat (also w'et or wot), a thick stew, served atop injera, a large sourdough flatbread, which is about 50 centimeters (20 inches) in diameter and made out of fermented teff flour.[1] Ethiopians eat exclusively with their right hands, using pieces of injera to pick up bites of entrées and side dishes.Utensils are rarely used with Ethiopian cuisine. </p>

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