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I am a nationally registered advanced EMT (AEMT) majoring in Nursing at GGC. I plan to graduate in 2018-19 with my BSN. My dream job is working at a children's hospital in the emergency department. I spend most of my time studying, or watching TV shows/movies. My favorite TV show is Supernatural. I also have dog, Teddy, who is my fur-baby. I am a lifetime Girl Scout, and I earned my Gold Award in 2012. For my Gold Award Project, I collected 600+ French books and flew to Haiti to deliver them to an orphanage for girls who had been orphaned by the earthquake of 2010.

I also am working on my Associates Degree in Paramedicine at Athens Technical College.


I am the youngest child and only girl, and Remy is my brother. I live with my parents still, which is actually kind of awesome.

Gold Award Project

I have also been to Haiti twice, the first time to help build homes in an eco-village in the Central Plateau, and the second time was to deliver in person 600+ French books to a girls' orphanage in Port-Au-Prince. The first Haiti trip was in 2011 to the MPP compound , which is kind of hidden away because it is working to help the poor citizens of the country, and the local government isn't a big fan of them doing that. One of the many many things I learned when I was there was that the elite (upper 1%) of the country typically speak, read, write, and publish all forms of media in French. Now that seems like it isn't a big deal or a surprise, but what if I told you that French isn't taught to the majority of the citizens? That's because the main language in Haiti is Creole, which is basically a mix of French and Spanish. Again, that doesn't seem so bad, I mean if you are taught something that is half English and half Russian, you would assume that you could understand half of it right? No, sadly. Because of this situation with the common people not knowing the published vernacular, the elite of the country have been able to prevent the "lower" classes from rising up out of their social classes. When you cannot read the newspapers, you will not know when an important election will take place, or even know what is happening around you. Sadly most of the people cannot afford to take French lessons, so most French is taught by a friend who happens to know it and they pay for it in trade with whatever the family can give (a lot of people in the Central Plateau are farmers). This is an alright system, but the people teaching French are just people who know the language a little, they are not teachers, so what you learn may not be accurate. Because of this system, the French that is taught can be broken, and this cycle can pass on for years. It is literally an avalanche of problems. After learning all of this, I went home and came up with a plan. Starting in the Fall of 2011, I began collecting all the books in French that I could get. I bought some with money I raised, and I got lots through donation boxes I set up all over Atlanta. My friend's mom helped me make a video to put on CNN to spread the word about my project, and in January 2012 I flew to Haiti on my own to deliver the books to an orphanage set up for girls aged 2-14 who had been orphaned by the Earthquake of 2010. These girls did not just lose parents, but any family members they could have lived with. They had been living in the tent camps set up after the disaster, but were being targeted for human trafficking. Yes, a 2 year old girl can be a target for that. So one guy decided to use his money to take the girls out of the camps and put them in a safe place where they wouldn't be kidnapped or sold. I had learned about his project, Camp Oasis, when I was in Haiti in 2011. When I collected the books, I contacted him to tell him I had books for all the girls so they can learn French and get a fresh start in a very difficult world. I hand delivered the books to the 40+ girls, and now they are able to further their education even when they are little (some of the books were for early readers).

Gosborn ITEC2110 haitigirls1.jpg
Girls at Camp Oasis when I delivered the books
All the books I collected to donate I stacked and stopped counting at 20 feet

Interests & Hobbies

My dog, Teddy

My Dog

My dog is named Teddy. He is a rescue poodle mix, who was found on I-85 in October, 2011. When he was taken to a vet the next day, he was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis, a blood infection caused by a tick bite that was never treated, and severe heartworms heartworms. After a few weeks of eating regularly, he was healthy enough to start treatment for the heartworms and the infection.


Sleep is amazing, literally everyone does it and you can't argue with me that it is the greatest thing that has ever existed. Just try and debate it with me, cannot be done!


I have been to many places, because of Girl Scouts made this amazing thing called Destinations Through these trips, I have been to

  1. India, Summer 2009
  2. England, Summer 2010
  3. Iceland, Summer 2011
  4. Kenya & Tanzania, Summer 2012

Crime Scene Investigation

I am very interested in looking at crime scenes to figure out how they happened. As an emt, I need to be able to look at many different types of accidents to figure out what happened so I can form a treatment plan for my patient/s. For example, when looking at a car accident, I first need to figure out the direction of the car impact.

  • How many sides of the car have been damaged?
  • How many vehicles are involved?
  • How many people involved?
  • Are all patients involved inside the car still?
  • Where they in the car or a pedestrian during impact?
  • Time of day and weather conditions also need to be a factor
  • Many, many other things.

All of these things can be assessed in less than a minute. Sure that sounds like a lot of things going on at once, but when you actually see a scene it is very easy to answer those kinds of questions within about 30 seconds. Once I can determine all of these things, I can form an image in my mind of how severe the accident is and what kind of injuries I can expect. This also can help with crowd control during the initial assessment of the scene and helps me when I need to call the hospital to let them know what kind of injury my patient has. A lot of people do not think about how intricate a crime scene can be, but it is both a mix of science and randomness. The one thing to always remember is things may look one way, but have happened in a much different way, just like a car accident. When you look at say a wrecked car, the car might be in a ditch off the road, but the car did not initially get hit in the ditch. The car was on the road and then was moved. Same can be said for a body. Someone may have moved a body, either by accident (as in running someone over with a car and thus dragging the body), or intentionally (as in positioning a gun in their hand to make it seem as though the victim killed themselves). Either way, I am very interested in crime scene photos to figure out exactly what is going on and how it might have happened. Sure that sounds morbid and really weird, but it doesn't seem weird to me. It is extremely interesting and dynamic to me, and that is why I am interested in studying crime scenes.


I like to read, and most of what I do read happens to be about medicine, but I also like to read other things. Harry Potter is amazing, and so is The Hunger Games. I'm currently reading the Game of Thrones books, but I spend much of my time studying during the semester so I don't have much time to read. Any good book recommendations are always welcome to me, but do not tell me to read 50 Shades or Twilight please. I literally will laugh at you, so that is your first warning...

Movies & TV Shows

My other favorite thing to do is watch literature (aka movies and TV shows)!! My favorite genres are horror and suspense, but I also like to watch comedy.

ITEC2110 Digital Media Projects

Digital Media Projects

Favorite Links

  • Where I watch movies[1]
  • All About Hippos [2]
  • A collection of paranormal things [3]


Me in front of the Taj Mahal at sunrise!!!!
Kings Cross station in London
My friend and I at Barnafoss Waterfall in Reykholt
Me in a Maasai village (with their handmade houses behind me
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