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Hello, welcome to my wiki page. Harriet Amofah is my name. I am a second-year student at Georgia Gwinnett College. My major is Pre-Nursing. In my leisure time, I love to read novels or sleep. I love to play soccer or watch soccer games. My favorite soccer team is Chelsea F.C. My future goal is to graduate college with honors and get my masters degrees. My future career is to be a nurse-practitioner.My favorite artist is Celine Dion, and my favorite movie is "The Legend of the Seeker." I hope you now know who I am. Have a great tour in my wiki page.



  • Sports
    • Soccer
    • Track and field
    • Volleyball
  • Reading
    • Novels
    • Fictions
    • News
  • Movies
    • Action
    • Romantic Comedies
    • Comedies

Favorite Links

  1. Google
  2. MSN
  3. Yahoo
  4. Washington Post


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