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I am from a small town is in the mountains of Tennessee. I moved to Georgia after kindergarten and have lived here ever since. I have two living parents, a sister, a cat, a dog and a guinea pig. First grade through twelfth grade I attended two different private schools, one from first grade to third grade and the other from fourth grade through twelfth grade. After graduating from high school I went to Auburn University, even though I lived my whole life as a University of Tennessee fan and both of them being in the South Eastern Conference. I spent my freshman year of college at Auburn and then after a year I moved back home. Now I am at Georgia Gwinnett College finishing up my core classes before I transfer elsewhere to study civil engineering.


The North Six Indian Creek Moab Utah.jpg Rock Climbing.jpg

  • -Rock climbing
    • -Indoor rock climbing
      • -I spend significantly more time indoor rock climbing, because its closer and more convenient
        • -I don't have to own all the equipment needed like a rope, equipment like cams and nuts (which are what you place in the rock to run your rope through to catch you if you fall) and a crash pad (which is what you would place below you if you are doing unroped and low to the ground climbing, which is known as bouldering, or you would place it below you when starting a climb incase you fall before getting your rope attached to any gear)
      • -I also spend a lot of time indoor rock climbing to train, so I can get better and stronger, that way when I do finally get to go climbing outside I am ready
    • -Outdoor rock climbing
  • -Hiking
  • -Backpacking
  • -Skiing

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