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Hello, and thank you for choosing to visit my wiki page! My name is Isaiah and I'm a full-time student enrolled here at GGC. I was home schooled for most of my life, so deciding to go to college was a pretty big step for me. I am majoring in exercise science and plan to go to Med. school after finishing my bachelors degree. I want to be a Physical Therapist and work in a career field that I have a passion for. I've always loved working out, and working out with others and plan to be a personal trainer to gain a little extra knowledge and expertise before going into the above field.



  • Sports
    • Football
    • Swimming
    • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Movies
    • Thriller/Action
    • Drama
    • Comedy
  • Singing
  • Gaming
    • Call of Duty
    • Battlefield
  • Working Out
  • Traveling
  • Playing Pool

Favorite Links

  1. Google
  2. IGN
  3. Youtube
  4. CNET
  5. GGC
  6. Amazon
  7. Ebay


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