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Short Story of My Life

My name is Janine Arroyo.I was born is small neighborhood in Pennsylvania. I am turning 21 soon. I recently got my first dog to call my own on January 26,2014 now he is 7 months and still growing. Another thing about my self is I graduated high school in 2011 from Collins Hill High School. I went to Gwinnett Technical College for one year but recently transferred to GGC. I currently working for my parents two businesses and finishing college at the same time. I am currently studying Business Administration. Hopefully one day becoming a good and successful person.



I am very athletic ever since I can remember. I am a person that never said No to sports. I was never a quite person I was always loud and hyper. I am a person who likes to help out people especially the church I go to all the time. The main that I love is Teaching and Busniess. The reason why I love these two because I been teaching my hole life especially to my little cousins and nephews. What they didn't understand in school I taught them until they understood. Thoughout my life I been growing up with parents but my father was the main one that loves business. Every child looks up to somebody in their life. That somebody was my dad the way he took care of both his and my moms business was incredible especially he didn't understand no English at all when he came to the United States.


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