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Back Ground

My name is Jacqueline, but majority of people call me Jackie. I am 4'11 (Yes, I know I am short...) I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a freshman at GGC. I am the oldest out of 4. My favorite color is green. I have 2 dogs, a chameleon, and a betta fish as pets.


Major: Finance

Interest & Hobbies

  • Swimming
  • Writing
  • Reading

What I've Been Listening to

  • Reality Check by: Noname (feat.Akenya & Eryn Allen Kane)
  • Nights by: Frank Ocean
  • Knife Edge by: Matt Corby
  • For the First Time by: Mac DeMarco
  • Mountain to Move by: Nick Mulvey
  • The Grocery by: Manchester Orchestra


  1. Shayla
  2. Twitter
  3. My Favorite Foods

Class Information


My Favorite Flower FLOWER.jpg
My Dogs English-bulldog-3.jpg
My Dogs Dog.jpg

Submissions Page

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