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Joshua Grady - I am a good looking guy and I am very funny

Boby.jpg My dog just passed away 9/22/2013 Angel777.jpg

Hello, my name is Joshua Grady I am Junior in college. I am working on Criminal Justice has my current major. I have a degree in Business Administration. I am single am in my 20's. Attended DeKalb Technology College along with Georgia Perimeter College, high school Stone Mountain middle school Freedom Middle, Rockbridge and Midway Elementry. I am gifted in writing music lyrics and talented in many other professions. I am the youngest of three my sister is working on her PH.D my brother is Deputy Sherrif of Fulton County. My dad is retired truck driver. My mom is retired as well.I have a niece and nephew.I have two dogs as you can see in the photos male and female. My best friend is Joia Carter. For more information please click here

Future plans

  • Go to grad school KSU or Harvard University
  • Become a film producer
  • Start my own detective firm
  • Build a fashion modeling company
  • Start a science company that promotes inventions and sci-fi gadgets

Interesting Life Story

  • Personal things about me. I have die seven times I am a walking mircale this is very true about me and most people when they look at me they say wow. I just say, God has a working hand in my life.
  • I am additicted to the TV show called Breaking Bad. I am fan of the Wire.
  • I did documentry at Georgia Gwinnett College that made the top 16. I have several friends that are famous by association. I am generally low key. I love to socilize.I like meeting new people. Most of my friends say I am very bold when it comes to introducing myself. I like to do a ice breaker and start off with humor.
  • I graduated with 3.0 GPA from Stone Mountain High School Class of 2006.
  • I currently have a 2.7 GPA in college.

Travel Plans

I have always wanted to visit Paris, France. For my details plans pleaswe visit this site. Joshua's Travel Vacation site

Disney World



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