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John Hall

My name is John Hall. Below I've pasted an icon of my namesake, John the Baptist. I'm an English major focusing on literature. I also have several other academic interests, mostly pertaining to the social sciences, but I was uninterested in the job opportunities afforded by such degrees. I took up Digital Media because I often find myself drawing or designing things on my computer and being very limited because I only know how to use basic programs like Paint. I've been dabbling with GIMP since I heard about it in class, but I'm still no good at using it. I look forward to when I can. Please enjoy the remainder of your day.


John Baptist.gif


Here is my podcast projects. I feel embarassed to post it as it is rather crude, but the teacher's tutorial was out of date and did not help. Media:The_Good_Doctor.wav

Video Project

Here is a link to my video project posted on youtube. (the link itself appears not to be functioning for some reasdon, but copying the URL works.)

Blender Project

A dressed up version [1]

And the plain version [2]





GIMP Project Page

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