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All About Me

All About Me: Jessica Hansen

Hi my name is Jessica Hansen and I am currently attending Georgia Gwinnett College. I am 20 years old and studying nursing. I am at GGC to fulfill my prerequisites so I can hopefully apply to a nursing program after this semester. My ultimate goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse after I graduate college because I love working with young children. I have the cutest dog in the world and his name is Champ. I enjoy playing golf. I was on my high school golf team all four years and still continue to play when I can.

If I were a famous person..

If I could be a celebrity I think I would be Reese Witherspoon. Most celebrities you can not relate to at all, but I feel like Reese Witherspoon seems much more normal. She is very down to earth and seems to be a genuinely a happy person. She also has an infectious, bubbly personality which I admire.

What makes me special

Ilike to think that I have a talent of taking care of children. I have been a nanny in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. I consider myself a nice person to everyone and I think that is one of my strengths. I was the varsity golf team all fours years and I get good grades which I think are my accomplishments.


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