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Justin E. Jernigan, PhD


Born in a small town in north Florida, I always wanted to see the world. My university studies allowed me to do just that. I have lived, studied, and/or worked overseas in Russia, Latvia, and Malaysia, in addition to teaching stateside in Kentucky, Florida, and (now) Georgia. I earned my PhD in Multilingual-Multicultural Education at Florida State University in April 2007, and I joined the GGC Faculty in June 2007. I live with my wonderful wife and two very energetic boys in Gwinnett County. I have enjoyed getting to know my students and fellow faculty, and look forward to each semester!

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Courses Taught at GGC

EAP 0080 - English for Academic Purposes Integrated Skills I

EAP 0090 - English for Academic Purposes Integrated Skills II

EAP 0091 - English for Academic Purposes Applied Grammar II

GGC 1000 - First Year Seminar

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