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James C. Koscielski

I am a retired 20 year vetran of the U.S. Army, retiring in 1997. The closest I ever came to China is when I visited the DMZ dividing North Korea and South Korea. I have traveled to other countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and Bosnia in the Baltics. My hobbies are bowling, jogging, weightlifting, and golf. My dislikes are rude students talking when the professor is conducting her lectures and greedy people. My likes are individuals who still strife for their goals no matter how many obstacles they have to climb over to reach their objective. My favorite music is contemporary or smooth jazz. My interesting story and the story of my life is that if it were not for joining the military and making a career out of it, I probably would have a dull life. I have visited many countries and continents. As a result, I have learned many cultures and have tried many ethnic foods. I have studied history and cultures of countries that I have visited. This I believe has made me a better human being, just by meeting the beautiful people who do not have all the luxries and opportunies that spoiled Americans have, but these same beautiful people still have made the best of what they have or had and suceeded in life.


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