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I am Jennifer Li, currently a Freshman at Georgia Gwinnett College. Being born in Georgia, I lived here my entire life so far. I graduated from Duluth High School '14. I'm planning to attend GGC for my first two years to save money, and then transfer to GSU or UGA. My major will be accounting, and I'm minoring in chemistry.


This is my favorite singer, Jung Jin Young. He's in a Korean well-known band, called B1A4.
New-York Central-Park.jpg
This is a picture of Central Park, New York. A place I wish to go to often with my boyfriend.
Korean cuisine.jpg
Korean Cuisine is my favorite. Offering you lots of side dishes and different spices.


  • Shopping
  • Playing with my puppy, Duke.
  • Watching dramas
  • Eating
  • Taking photos
  • Spending time with my boyfriend

Favorite Links

  1. Dramafever
  2. Fancy Junk
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Express Clothing
  5. Watch Newest HK Dramas

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