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J Patrick Tiedemann Ph.D.

~Welcome to my GGC Homepage~

Contact Information

J Patrick Tiedemann
GGC Cell: 678.523.0101
Office: A-1079

Courses I Currently Teach

EDUC_2130: Exploring Teaching and Learning
READ 3200: Literacy Foundations
ELAN 3000: Language, Literacy, & Culture
READ 4000: Literacy Integration

Curriculum Vitae


Vanderbilt University: Peabody College of Education and Human Development
2003 - 2011 Nashville, TN.
Ph.D. Teaching and Learning
Specialization: Language, Literacy, and Culture

Chapman University:
1994-1996 Orange/Lompoc, CA
M.A.: Education: Curriculum and Instruction

Glassboro State College:
1986-1990 Glassboro, NJ
B.A.: 1) Elementary Education Teacher Certification, 2) English


Elementary School Teaching Certificate: New Jersey
Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential: California
Professional Elementary Education Certificate: Washington


2009-Present: Georgia Gwinnett College, Assistant Professor of Literacy.

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Literacy Foundations
  • Language, Literacy, and Culture
  • Literacy Integration
  • Student Teaching

2003-2009 Vanderbilt University,

  • Language Arts In Elementary Schools: Teaching Methods and Theory
  • Practicum in Reading and Language Arts: Elementary

Field Supervisor:

  • Addressing Literacy Problems
  • Practicum in Reading and Language Arts: Elementary
  • Student Teaching: Elementary

2002-2003 Curriculum Specialist / Teacher: 6th and 7th Grade Language, Literature, History; Seattle Hebrew Academy
1997-2002 Classroom Teacher: 6th grade Multiple Subject; Santa Ynez Christian Academy
1995-1997 Classroom Teacher: 7th & 8th grade language, literature, history and science; Santa Ynez Christian Academy
1993-1996 Program Director/Field Naturalist. Natural Resources School, US Forest Service
1992-1995 Classroom and Field Teacher: 6th grade Environmental Science; Santa Barbara County Schools


Singer-Gabella, M. & Tiedemann, P. (2008). Tasks and trajectories in learning to teach. Journal of Curriculum Studies 40 (4), 457-480.

Tiedemann, J P., Furman, J., Justice, J.E., Lovvorn, J. & Risko, V. (2005). How literacy history is told: Approaches and lenses for historical access. In C. M. Fairbanks, J. Worthy, B. Maloch, J. V. Hoffman, & D. L. Schallert, (Eds). 54th yearbook of the National Reading Conference. Oak Creek, WI: National Reading Conference.

McDonald Connor, C. and Tiedemann, J.P. (2005). International Reading Association-National Institute for Health and Child Development Conference on Early Childhood Literacy Research: A Summary of Presentations and Discussions. Newark, DE: IRA Available online:


Tiedemann, JP. (October, 2010) Beyond Critical Thinking: An Approach to Critical Information Literacy. Paper presented at the 7th Annual Georgia Conference on Information Literacy. Savannah, Georgia.

Tiedemann, JP. (February, 2010). Pedagogical Uses of Wikis in Higher Education. Symposium presented at the17th Georgia Conference on College & University Teaching. Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia.

Tiedemann, J P. (October, 2008). Composing multimodal texts and contexts within a massive multiplayer online game. Paper presented at the Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition: The New Work of Composing, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.

Tiedemann, J P. (February, 2007). Critical theory and literacy education: The possibilities of dialectical critique. Paper presented at the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research, Midwinter Conference 2007, Nashville, Tennessee.

Singer-Gabella, M. and Tiedemann, J P. (February, 2007). Prying Open the Black Box of Teacher Learning Trajectories. Paper presented at the AACTE 59th Annual Meeting and Exhibits, New York. I participated in data analysis, conceptualization, and writing the paper.

Tiedemann, J P., Furman, J., Justice, J.E., Lovvorn, J. & Risko, V. (December, 2004). How literacy history is told: Approaches and lenses for historical access. Paper presented at the 54th Annual National Reading Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Bowen, E., Lovvorn, J. & Tiedemann, J P. (February, 2004). An examination of weblogging as a pedagogical tool. Paper presented at the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research Midwinter Conference 2004, University of California, Berkeley.


2002-2003 Curriculum Specialist, Seattle Hebrew Academy

Tiedemann, J P. (1993). Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Curriculum: Natural Resources School. Goleta, CA: U.S. Forest Service.

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